Earthquake and Tsunami Shelter

What is Chumdan Bunker System?

Chumdan Bunker System adalah

Chumdan Bunker System was developed to provide an emergency evacuation space in case of earthquake, tsunami, nuclear, and poisonous gases. Bunker is equipped with water-proof system, air filter system, automatic carbon dioxide emission system, and ballast system, so it can float on water like a ship. We make the bunker with preciseness to ensure the safety and survival of the people.

Earthquake and Tsunami Shelter (can be installed inside the cabinet or in the house)

Shelter untuk Gempa, dan Tsunami (Dapat dipasang di cabinet atau di dalam rumah)

Bunker structure and internal systems (processing for patent)

Stuktur bunker dan Sistem internal (dalam proses untuk paten)

    Internal systems

  • 1.Hatch door
  • 2.Carbon dioxide emission system
  • 3.Ballasst system
  • 4.Chair, oxygen tank, emergency food supply, firs-aid kit, fire-fighting supplies, life jacket, rescue flare
  • Options: electric lamp, manual power generating system
  • *FRP thicker than 3.0mm
  • *Double anti-rust paint
  • *Steel plate SS400 (thickness 8.0mm)

Chumdan bunker is designed in integral type to prevent earthquake, tsunami, nuclear, and radiation.

Bunker system Specification and Price

Type For 1~4 people For 5~10 people
Height 1.1M Can be customized
Length 2.0M Can be customized
Width 0.9M Can be customized
Price 5,258.94

6,150.28 ~ 8,022.11

  • *Periode pemasangan: 1~3 minggu setelah kotrak dibuat. Pelanggang harus membayar 50% dari jumlah saat kotrak ditandatangani, dan sisa jumlah harus dibayar ketika instalasi selesai.
  • *Harga ini tanpa PPN
  • *Harga ini termasuk biaya pengiriman
  • *Ada biaya tambahan untuk konstruksi sipil